Faith Community Church’s Rich History


Sunset at Faith Community Church Wishek North Dakota

Faith Community Church of Wishek, North Dakota (a member of the Reformed Church in America—RCA) has a rich history.
It began as St. John’s Congregational Church on February 27, 1912, its membership of 13 people consisted mainly of German-Russian immigrants. A new, wooden church was built. By 1948 the membership grew to 169 members. Some of the upper-grade Sunday School classes were taught in German.
In May of 1958 our current, beautiful, steeple-roofed sanctuary was dedicated.
Over the years there have been many mergers with our church. Many small, country churches closed and joined with ours. The final merger came in 1979 when our Congregational church merged with the local Reformed church. At that time we became the United Church of Christ.
In 2017 our congregation voted (after many meetings, research, discussion, and prayer) to break away from the UCC and affiliate with the RCA. We changed our name to Faith Community Church of Wishek. We currently have 188 members, along with a robust Sunday School.
We are excited to begin this new adventure with the RCA and are waiting and working to see what God has in store for us.