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Orderly life Oct 4 2020

Orderly Life God’s Law

The Beauty of God in Music

The Beauty of God in Architecture

The Image of God

Beauty of Creation


Overcoming Failure

Prayer Hunter Pinke

Just Listen



Father’s Day

Adoption Family of God



As For My House Marriage

Mother’s Day 2020

Be Generous

The Church

Holy Spirit

Easter Sunday

Palm Sunday

Philippians Unity and Peace

Mar 11, 2019 Joy

The Reward of Christ

The Call of Christ

The Excellence of Christ

The Work of Christ

The Humble Christ 

Feb 2 2020 Philippians session 4

Jan 26 2020 Philippians session 3

Jan 19 2020 Philippians session 2

Jan 12 2020 Philippians session 1

Jan 5 2020

Christmas Traditions: Gifts

Christmas Traditions: Family

Christmas Traditions: Movies and Books

Christmas Traditions Music

Issues and Answers: Consumerism

Issues and Answers: Busyness

Issues and Answers: Communion

Issues and Answers: Community

Issues and Answers: Disconnectedness

Spiritual Disciplines -Prayer

Spiritual Disciplines-Worship and God’s purpose

Spiritual Disciplines – Creation

Spiritual Disciplines The Word

Spiritual Disciplines

I AM The Presence

I AM The Alpha and The Omega

I Am the Way, Truth and Life

I AM Communion

I AM that I AM

I AM – Light of the World

I AM – Bread of Life

I AM _ Water

I AM the Lamb of God